The Main river cycle path 2014

The Main Cycle Path follows the river through northern Franconia. Between the Fichtelgebirge mountain ranges and the metropolitan area of Frankfurt-Mainz-Wiesbaden it constitutes the border between the densely wooded, softly curved low mountain ranges in the North and the light flooded karst landscapes of the Franconian Jura and the Franconian Switzerland region south of the broad valley. Franconian Forest, Steigerwald Nature Park, Haßberge Hills, Spessart and Odenwald force the river into countless bends during its course. The landscapes at its banks are not spectacular, but mellow. However, the regions to the left and right of the river score points with exceptional cultural highlights. The Wagner and festival town of Bayreuth, baroque pilgrimage churches such as the Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers and the Banz monastery, Castle Plassenburg in Kulmbach, which is well-fortified on the outside but sumptuously decorated on the inside, UNESCO world heritage sites in Bamberg and Würzburg, historical small towns in Haßfurt, Ochsenfurth, Wertheim and Miltenberg, stately castles in Aschaffenburg and cosmopolitan atmosphere in Frankfurt are only some of the many cultural attractions at the longest right tributary of the Rhine.
The famously excellent wines, beers and hearty Franconian cuisine will ensure that this holiday is not only a great experience for your body and mind but also a feast for the palate.


Explore tradition-conscious cultural cities on the bike

Cyclists in WertheimOld Main bridge in Würzburg


Bamberg Beer and Bocksbeutel await you- the Main flows through Beer- and Wine- Franconia!

Bamberg beerWine cellar


At the river Main culture and nature meet in a delightful way

Monastery in Banz


As you can see, a tour on the Main Cycle Path is worthwhile. We are looking forward to your visit!

Simon Mink - Main Cycle Path.

Simon Mink

Managing Director
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